Pool Renovation & Remodeling arizona

Renovation & Remodel

Make subtle but impactful changes or add new features entirely.

From altering the shape and size of your existing pool to adding a spa or water and fire features to converting pool depths or adding sun shelves to removing an entire pool and completely starting over. We can breathe life into your tired, outdated space and transform it into a backyard utopia.


Revitalize Lost Beauty

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a worn design or completely remodel the whole space, Monarch Pools has you covered. We’ll deliver your perfect reenvisioning or help you determine the best course of action. Some pools only need small repairs to see a big impact. Other pools greatly benefit from new features or structures to give tired designs a touch of modern and new life.

Sometimes we’re simply cleaning up the mistakes from other builders that should have been done right the first time around. Whatever your renovation & remodel needs, we apply the same meticulous detail & effort to ensuring everything is done right and exactly to your specifications. If you’re seeing the wear & tear from over the years, let’s talk about ways to bring back excitement to your pool.


Pool Renovation

When we’re going to take on a renovation, we start by carefully evaluating what areas need work. Some may be obvious like noticeable cracks. Others may be less obvious but could be putting unnecessary strain on your systems or even become safety hazards. For all our services, we carefully plan every step of the way and pool renovation is no exception.

Pool renovation is a necessary step in the long term care of your pool. It doesn’t have to mean making substantial, costly changes to the design. Fixing surfaces, sides, elemental features, and everything else ensures that your pool not only looks great, but you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Pool Remodeling

With a little bit of imagination and the expert team by your side, there could be the perfect pool already at your home. Making the right changes and adding certain new features can completely change the function & feel of your retreat.

If you feel like your pool design has become tired & stale, let’s explore the creative ways a remodel could bring that new pool excitement to an established space.

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